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Rating Advisory 

Helping Insurers Achieve Their Credit Rating Goals

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We understand the credit ratings process for insurers can be challenging and sometimes frustrating. That’s why it is important to team up with an experienced adviser, like CTM Advisory, who has an extensive and proven track record (25+ years of experience) of success in helping insurers achieve their credit rating goals. Our services include:

  • New Ratings Support

  • Downgrade Prevention

  • Custom Presentations

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Benchmarking Analysis

  • Valuation Services

Services Description

CTM’s Rating Advisory Services was launched in 2013 to help insurers achieve their credit rating goals using a unique approach (see process below) developed by its Founder, Matt Coyle.


Assess Financial Strength


CTM reviews the Client's financials, etc. to estimate an initial rating; propose solutions for existing ratings.


Develop Rating Plan


CTM and the Client agree on a plan to achieve their new rating goal; resolve existing or potential rating issues.


Prepare Presentation


CTM prepares a presentation that details the Client's strengths; addresses potential rating agency issues.


Conduct on Site Rehearsal


CTM and the Client engage in an in-depth rehearsal of the presentation in advance of the rating agency meeting.

Armed with more than 25 years of rating agency experience, both as an insider and an outsider to the ratings process, the CTM team is committed to helping each client achieve their goals (ratings and other).

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The CTM Advantage

The P-E-R-C-S™ of Teamwork

Preparedness: We adhere to the old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s why our customers are prepared for virtually any challenge.

Experience: Few consulting groups can claim to have more than 25 years of rating agency experience as both an insider and an outsider. We can.

Relationships: We endeavor to build long-term, productive relationships with our customers, partners and associates.

Committment: We are tireless in our pursuit of excellence because any worthwhile goal is worth the struggle and effort of obtaining it.

Service: We place the interests of our customers first and work hard to exceed their expectations.