Building Long-Term, Productive Relationships

“I have known Matt for several years and found him to be a talented professional with keen problem solving skills. He was able to make some key introductions to help break bureaucratic log jams in Enservio’s effort to bring a value added service to thousands of homeowners with insurance claims. I have also had an opportunity to work with Matt in the non-profit sector and found him to be skilled and effective leader with a strong work ethic and an unimpeachable moral compass. He will bring significant value to any organization lucky enough to have him.“

Jim Fini, Enservio Founder and Board Member

“I have known Matt for the past sixteen years. Initially as my colleague at Standard and Poor’s and for the past eleven years (since I moved to JP Morgan) he was the head of Investor relations at Liberty Mutual. Matt is a very hard working and reliable individual with excellent analytical skills. I always found Matt to be responsive to clients both during his tenure at S&P and more recently at Liberty mutual. He has covered complex insurance companies as an analyst and his analytical skills and judgment were of very high quality. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt to any position in the financial industry and I am sure he would prove to be an asset to any organization.”

— Arun Kumar, Managing Director at JP Morgan

“Matt is an extremely hard working and dedicated individual that strives for excellence at all times. Matt is team oriented and is very focused on developing solutions. He takes a common sense approach to solving problems and has proven himself to be effective in critical business situations. I have worked both side by side with Matt as well as having been a customer. It is truly refreshing to deal with an individual that has the highest level of integrity and commitment to his colleagues and his work. I feel privileged to have worked with Matt, and I look forward to doing so again in the future.”

— Thomas Walsh, MD, Barclays Investment Bank

“Matt is a professional with broad vision, commitment to quality analysis and communication, and strong interpersonal skills. I worked with him during his years at S&P and always found him to be balanced and constructive–key attributes. In his subsequent years we have worked on industry related issues and he has exhibited strong leadership capability and clearly has the respect of a broad spectrum of professionals.“

— Keith Jensen, Former CFO, American Financial Group

“I have known Matt for 20 years, both professionally and personally, and I can confidently say that he is a highly motivated individual with a strong ethical and professional foundation. Early on in our careers Matt and I worked together at Standard & Poor’s and later we overlapped professionally when he was head of investor relations at Liberty Mutual. Matt has both an extensive and expert knowledge of the insurance industry, along with strong analytical skills and excellent problem solving capabilities. Matt excels at working in a team-oriented environment and he is truly a pleasure to work with.”

— Brian Jacoby, CFA, MD at Goldman Sachs

Re: Decoding S&P’s New Insurance Criteria

“This is a must have course for insurance and investment professionals that don’t understand the ratings process. Matt’s experience as an insurance insider and rating agency analyst makes this course useful and extremely valuable.”

— Jeffrey Bernstein, Cutwater Asset Management

Re: Decoding S&P’s New Insurance Criteria

“If you want to understand the way S&P rates insurers, I highly recommend this course. Not only does Matt go through the ratings process, but also provides case studies that illustrate how analysts apply the ratings methodology. Be prepared to do some work.”

— R. Scott Frost, CFA, Program Participant