ERM: Compliance Program or A Path to Higher Ratings?

ERM: Compliance Program or Path to Higher Ratings | CTM Advisory

Another Compliance Program?

Many insurers have invested a significant amount of time and resource in enterprise risk management (“ERM”) only to be disappointed with their return on investment. Unfortunately, ERM, in our opinion has become yet another compliance program for most insurers.

Untapped Potential

At CTM Advisory, we believe a successful and effective ERM program does more than satisfy regulatory requirements.  It should, at a minimum, create a culture that encourages and rewards decisions-makers across an organization for taking risk in accordance with previously communicated expectations and the Company’s stated risk appetite.

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.”
― John Augustus Shedd

Moreover, an effective ERM program should help management accomplish a myriad of organizational goals, in effect, leveraging the untapped (unrealized) value that an investment of this size and importance should provide.

A Path to Higher Ratings | SMI Risk Solutions™

The current industry approach to risk management is expensive and in many instances ineffective, leaving many insurance executives dissatisfied (see our blog ViewPoints – Risk Management: Time for an Honest Appraisal).

That’s why CTM Advisory created — SMI Risk Solutions™ — a common sense, cost effective approach to risk management designed specifically to help small to medium-sized insurers (SMIs) achieve the following goals:

  • Enhance rating outcomes (viewed favorably by rating agencies)
  • Lower borrowing costs (debt and reinsurance)
  • Add rigor to the planning (decision-making) process
  • Assess capital (financial and intellectual) needs and allocate capital more efficiently
  • Make difficult but necessary organizational changes
  • Compliance – also gives currently EXEMPT insurers a “head start” on eventual mandatory compliance

As your adviser, we will help your organization develop a risk governance framework that a) supports management’s strategy and risk appetite, b) enhances, not impedes, the planning process and c) satisfies regulatory requirements and rating agency expectations.

About Us

CTM Enterprise Risk Advisers (“CTM Advisory”) is a Massachusetts based consulting group that provides credit rating and risk management support services to C-Suite insurance executives. All of our services are designed to fulfill our mission of helping insurers achieve their credit rating and risk management goals. 

For more information about our services, please contact us at the link below or visit us our website.

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